I'm Kadeem

I go by the name of Kadeem Laurie. I am an events graduate currently developing an events marketing start-up. This website was created from scratch using HTML5, CSS3,jQuery & responsive design. I specialise in event management, digital content, SEO, marketing strategy, branding and front-end web design.

Freedom of thought inspires me. I love conceptualising and seeing ideas evolve. I see myself as a marketeer who simply likes to make things look good, branding has thus always been my most favourable aspect of marketing. I studied event management in university and have organised a few events of my own. I am currently working as an event organiser at Spire Healthcare. I hope to integrate events within marketing strategy more. I like to ask the right questions and find solutions from different perspectives. My academic interests lie in the regions of city branding and events management.

My favourite book is The Prince by Nicolo Machievelli. My favourite dish is Arroz De Marisco. This website has been recently created so content is being added concurrently.